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We recently had the pleasure of visiting with Hope Brown, certified Redken Artist, Reiki practitioner and salon owner. Hope has been in the industry for 8 years and is a graduate of the Eric Fisher Academy.
Hope’s salon, Mane Revival, opened in December 2020. Mane Revival is Wichita’s 1st Beauty Ritual Salon. A salon experience that turns your routine into a ritual by serving you beyond the beauty service. Mane Revival specializes in hair extensions, customized hair color, skin rituals, facials & hair rituals. Hope starts each client visit by sharing an empowering affirmation phrase from a card and uses essential oils and crystal and energy healing for anyone who is interested. “It’s just more of a powerful experience versus just coming in to get your hair done.”

how did you arrive on the concept for mane revival?

Mane Revival was born by putting myself in certain positions that forced me to grow. It was hard finding my place in a salon and the idea of creating something from the ground up inspired me. The name “Mane Revival” came to me during a journaling exercise and the vision came through a meditation session. I would say we are different than other salons because we focus on a whole being experience from start to finish. 


how did the pandemic affect your opening?

I’m an optimist and I like to think life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you and in this case I trust the timing of everything: I was looking for a space right before the pandemic. After being shut down for two months I signed the lease which is super risky with the unknown, but I had this vision for a reason and I knew I needed to see it through. The pandemic affected how quickly we were able to open. Construction takes time, and we were having a hard time getting our supplies.


What is the best business advice you ever got?

The best business advice I have ever gotten is that nothing good comes from force. If it’s not flowing or if it doesn’t feel right, don’t force it.


you worked as an assistant when you first got out of cosmetology school; why and what did you gain from that experience?

I worked as an assistant first because I believe it’s important to have that experience before accepting your own clients. In cosmetology school, you learn the basics. Training through an associate program or apprenticeship helps to accelerate your skills by learning and observing how real life is behind the chair, how situations are thought through, to finesse client relations and improve upon techniques.


what is the biggest hurdle you have had to overcome in your journey?

The biggest hurdle I’ve had to jump was myself. Growing your career as a stylist can be hard physically, emotionally, mentally at times and opening up a business is even harder. When I first got started I would over think things, have self doubt and I did not have clear boundaries for myself. It’s so important to take care of yourself and bring awareness to your mind, body & soul. Once I started to prioritize myself and set boundaries, my career flourished.


share one fact about you.

A fact about me that most people don’t know is that I had my son at the age 17. I went to cosmetology school 2 weeks after graduating high school and opened my salon at the age of 23.


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