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Photo of hairstylist Hunter Donia
We recently had the pleasure of having a conversation with Hunter Donia, a salon suite owner and client experience expert based out of central PA. He is passionate about teaching beauty professionals how to grow their business by setting boundaries through automation and elevating the client experience.  In 2020, Hunter was recognized as the youngest up-and-coming hair colorist by Beauty LaunchPad, and in 2021 he was named in Modern Salon’s Top 100 and 15 Faces of Sola. He’s presented at industry conferences across the nation. Plus, launched a business to educate hairstylists on how to leverage automation to set client boundaries and introduce fresh strategies that prevent behind the chair burn-out and drive business. Hunter enjoys hanging out with his cat, Henry, traveling, and going to music festivals and concerts in his free time.

Tell us about your Journey. What inspired your path, and how did you get started?

At the age of 15, I joined my local vocational cosmetology program. It was the first place I felt like I belonged and was celebrated. I was at the age where I started to discover who I am and learn how to express myself in different ways. I’d color my hair, wear makeup and do my nails to fully feel like myself from the inside out. Because of my love for using myself as a canvas for art and self-love, I started my first day assisting in a salon at the age of 16. Then went on to earn my cosmetology license before graduating high school.


What do you find most rewarding about being An Educator?

This career and industry have given me so much–acceptance, love, comfort, and joy. As it has all of us in different ways. What is most rewarding about being an educator is ensuring that no hairstylist feels as if they should have chosen a different industry–one that wouldn’t give them all of those things.


What is the biggest challenge you faced, and what did you do to overcome it?

The biggest challenge I faced was deciding to go out on my own into a suite. Working with a boss or with a team provided me with a sense of security and comfort. I had hesitations about removing myself from that and even internal battles about whether I was ready or not. But, I became very clear on my goals and what I needed to do to get there. As a result, it allowed me to make the jump into owning my place.


What is the best advice you’ve received professionally or personally?

Feel the fear and do it anyway.


What motivates you?

My beautiful clients and amazing students are what motivate the heck out of me! I am dedicated to learning more and growing more to serve them better every day.


What’s your favorite part of working in the beauty industry?

Meeting such beautiful and talented individuals every day. I cherish all of these connections and love how this industry can bring together different talents and personalities.


Do you have a daily ritual you can’t live without?

My daily planner. It helps me stay focused on the big picture instead of the little minute details.


What’s next?

My current goals are to improve and grow my education platform to make a bigger impact on as many stylists as possible. I am honored to create the space and have the platform to help evolve our industry. Ultimately, I want to continue facilitating growth, boundaries, and automation for beauty service providers.


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