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Photo of Juliana Cavender owner of Everyday Beaut
We recently had the pleasure of visiting with Juliana Phillips Cavender, esthetician and owner of Everyday Beaut & Clifton Collective. Juliana has been in the industry for 11 years and is a graduate of the Eric Fisher Academy.
Juliana’s spa, Everyday Beaut, opened in 2014. Everyday Beaut was thought of and born in Dallas originally. Amidst the hustle, bustle and metro lights Juliana found herself trying to find her place, community and niche. After many failed attempts at being someone she wasn’t – she realized she can only be herself: an everyday gal. When you walk through the doors of Everyday Beaut it doesn’t take long to realize they are everyday peeps doing their thing – just like YOU! Accompanied by one heck of an eclectic music selection.

What led you to become an owner and boss?

When opening my first spa, I had just moved back from Dallas and was working a 9-to-5 job. I began renting a small room at a hair salon in Riverside and it slowly began to snowball. I love this industry and I love serving people. Initially, I never had the intention of having a spa with multiple service providers but it organically became that and it’s changed my life forever. It’s challenged me personally and professionally and I’m a better leader because of the evolution of my business.


What did you do to grow your business?

Our clientele has always been built by word of mouth — so powerful! To this day we thrive off referrals that come from our pursuit of an excellent customer service experience paired with unparalleled service and results.


What is the best business advice you ever got?

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received is to trust my gut, get mentors, with great influence comes great responsibility, and nothing comes without sacrifice; how hard are you willing to work?


what is the biggest hurdle you have had to overcome in your journey?

There are so many hurdles I’ve had to overcome and it’s a daily juggle. I once heard “become a professional firefighter and a pro at putting out fires”. GOALS! I’ve made wrong and tough decisions that I’ve learned from. I’ve had my heart broken personally and professionally. Ultimately, I’ve chosen to grow as a human and that in of itself is a hurdle but a must if you want to move forward and become your actual best self.


how did the pandemic affect your Business?

Covid affected our business in multiple ways. At the spa, we had to close and we were unable to see any clients or bring in any revenue. We honestly just sat very still, remained patient and trusted the timing of everything. We didn’t spend any money and in fact consolidated our two locations to simply have our one location in College Hill.


What do you love most about this industry?

I love this industry for the ability to evolve and grow — you’re never bored! This industry is always evolving and if you like to keep it fresh there’s always an opportunity for that.


share one fact about you.

Fun fact about me that my team is always poking at — I once worked for Radio Disney in Los Angeles. I was in high school and I up and moved to LA with the help of my parents and pursued some radical dream of show business. And here I am!


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