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Photo by Kate (@thecinemascoper)

Colorful eyeliner is a great way to ease into using colorful makeup.  Colored eyeliner creates a softer look that is still dramatic and eye-popping without looking clownish.

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If you want your winged eyeliner to really stand out and look sharp, however, you should opt to use very bright or darker colors rather than pale or extremely light colors.  Winged eyeliner works best with a liquid liner formula in order to create sharp, precise lines.

To create a smudged effect with your colorful eyeliner, line your entire eye with a thick line of eyeliner along your bottom and top lash lines. Immediately after applying the eyeliner, use a damp Q-tip or a small brush to blend the top line up from your lash line to extend it up your eyelid. Then, blend the bottom line of eyeliner underneath your bottom lash line downward and outward. Soften the edges of each line and use a Q-tip dampened with makeup remover to smooth out your look. Spray the area with setting spray and dust a translucent setting powder over it to prevent your smudged colorful eyeliner from running down your face throughout the day.

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