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A barber is handing out his business card to a potential client

We want you to reach your goals and love what you do because let’s face it, we love this industry. It’s the most incredible industry in the world. As beauty professionals, we get to make people look and feel great every day. As a result, people look forward to seeing us. There is so much potential for success. But getting started is the hardest part. In this series, “Business Advice from Eric Fisher,” we tap into Eric’s wealth of knowledge and share advice that will help you reach your goals. So without further ado, here’s the latest business tip.



It’s 2021. You’re probably asking, “Do I still need a business card? Is that still a thing?” While there are new technologies, when it comes to marketing, one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest things you can do is hand out your business card. Give your card to the right people and you’ll be surprised at how far they go.

Here are some ideas on how you can use business cards to grow your business:
– Place your business card at restaurants, local businesses, your apartment complex and at your gym.
– Hand out your business card at the businesses within a few miles of where you work.
– Give your business card to your friends, family and clients you love and ask them to hand it out to people they know.
– Leave your business cards at restaurants with a generous tip.
– Leave your card when you visit any local hotels.
– Give your neighbors some business cards to share with their friends and family.
– Network at parties and social gatherings and share your card.

A good practice is to hand out your business card anytime you talk to someone about what you do. Whether it’s a digital card or an actual business card, sharing your information as much as possible will help you grow your business. Everyone is busy today, so don’t expect people to remember where you work. Instead, make it easy for them to remember by sharing your information.



Not sure how to get started? Here are some online resources to help you get started.

1. Canva: If you don’t already use Canva, we highly recommend it for creating professional designs. The program has templates to help you get started making a business card that best represents your brand. Here’s a great article about how to design your business card in Canva.

2. Vistaprint: This website is an excellent option if you’re looking to get business cards printed. You can use one of their templates or work with a designer. Their printing costs are affordable, and their site is user-friendly.

3. Tappy: Tappy is a smart business card. It allows you to easily share your information digitally. Here’s an article with reviews about Tappy.

4. HiHello: A free option for a digital business card. You can check out the HiHello FAQ page for more information. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have a printed business card or a digital one, do what fits your business needs. What matters is that you are networking and sharing your contact information. You never know when it could help you tap into a network of new clients.


Make a list of the people you have interacted with today. Include everyone, no matter how big the interaction (i.e., gas station clerks, grocery store checkers, baristas, etc.). Think through each interaction. How could you have used each opportunity to hand out your business card?

Now, make another list of the places you plan to go to tomorrow. Challenge yourself to see how many interactions you can turn into opportunities to hand out your business card.


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