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Why cut the top first? The truth is that most clients don’t have a perfectly shaped head.

How many times have you gotten into a haircut and realized you had some opportunities with your client’s growth pattern, hair line or head shape? By doing a thorough assessment during your consultation – you can be aware of these areas and know where you need to build weight to great a better shape. By building your shape with layers and graduation first, you can finish by clippering to your established guide and create a stronger and more balanced haircut.

How many times have you clippered your client’s hair only to realize he has a flat occipital, the hair is too short and is going to stick up in the crown? Or one side of the head protrudes more than the other? If you cut the crown length first, you can determine the length that will allow the hair to lay correctly.

Ultimately, cutting the top first saves time and eliminates extra time refining the edges. If you do your clippering of the sides first, flicking up and away from the headshape and then cut the a square line across the top – you will have 2 corners to blend in and rebalance with clippers or shear over comb. If you had cut the top first, you would only have a slight edge to refine.

While cutting the top first may seem unconventional, you might be surprised at your results. Give it a try and see what you think!