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Photo of three ladies that enjoy being part of a team

I believe that it is important to share the best of what I have learned with others. By doing so, I hope to provide you with an advantage over those who have to learn everything for themselves. This Best Practice Series focuses on points that I believe lead to success in the beauty industry. These are the fundamentals that I used to expand my company from 1 salon to 4. We use these methods every day to grow and prosper. – Eric Fisher


be a team player

Being part of a great team makes work fun and enjoyable. There’s nothing better than when you love the people you work with. It makes you look forward to going to work, and it makes those hard days more bearable. You can bounce ideas off of each other. Help each other out. Create events to benefit your guests. As they say: “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Ask yourself: “Are you a team player?”

As a salon team member, this means helping your team out through things like cleaning, shampooing a guest when they’re running behind, grabbing lunch for a booked stylist, or sweeping up hair in between clients. Nothing builds team morale more than when everyone supports one another. When everyone respects one another and works together, it can make you look forward to going to work.

If you lease a suite being a team player will look different for you. Working with other businesses or volunteering for a charity or community event is when you’ll need to work well with others. These are opportunities for you to get the word out about your business. The better you work with others, the more likely others will recommend you. It’s a chance for you to be a team player to build your reputation and get your name in the community.

Watch the video below to hear what Eric Fisher about teamwork and what that means in the Eric Fisher Salons.



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