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Do you dream of being a
wildly successful hairstylist
but need help getting there?

The Be Wildly Successful Course is for you!

We believe every hairstylist deserves to be wildly successful.

We also believe what separates successful 6-figure earners from struggling hair professionals is knowledge, experience and education.

It’s the reason we’ve launched a step-by-step program to fast track your success.

Created by Eric Fisher, it’s his unique success formula, broken down into
3 easy-to-execute modules. We’re eager to share it with you.

Does this sound like you?

  • You love hair but the business side confuses and intimidates you.
  • You’ve been working for awhile and your business is at a stand still, you don’t know how to grow your clientele and start making the money you deserve.
  • You feel uninspired or overwhelmed and are looking for some help.
  • You know you’re capable of becoming a successful, in demand hairstylist with tons of high-paying dream clients but instead you’re NOT GROWING, GETTING BOOKED OR MAKING ENOUGH MONEY?
  • You see other stylists getting booked up but you’re clientele remains stagnant.
  • You’ve tried using social media to promote your work, but nothing seems to be working for you and it’s super frustrating.
  • You need the work so you’re taking on any and every client, and taking on clients and services that you don’t love.
  • You’re not sure how to provide legendary customer service and keep your clients coming back for years.
  • You’re feeling burnt out and not making nearly the money you should be for the amount of hours you work.
  • You want to raise your prices but you’re afraid your clients will leave.
  • You’re unsure how to make more money from each client and service.

What if that was all a thing of the past?

I'm ready to be wildly successful

What if we told you:

You can be booked out for months in advance.

You can have a waitlist of dream clients who you absolutely love and will happily pay for your premium services.

You can confidently raise your prices and charge what you’re worth.

You can say no to clients that don’t fulfill you or value your work.

You can work less hours but still make more.

You can grow your social media following and turn followers into customers because people LOVE your work!

And what if all of this was possible just by using a simple, proven strategy for attracting, maximizing and retaining clients?


Be Wildly Successful

The Be Wildly Successful Course is a 12-hour, 3 module program designed to help you create success as a hairstylist.

We’ve made it easy for you. All you need to do is follow the lessons and you’ll be successful.

The Be Wildly Successful course will help you

become a super successful service provider who is passionate about going to work not because you have to but because you want to.

You’ll make more money by learning how to:

Achieve Legendary Customer Service by utilizing systems, scripts and clues.

Create a WOW experience for your clients to keep them coming back.

Manage your appointment book for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Increase your average ticket, number of clients, frequency of client visits, average retail ticket and improve client retention.

Create a positive, engaging and appealing culture of hospitality.

Increase your client base by prospecting for new clients and asking for referrals.

Set goals to help you achieve financial success.

Grow your business through social media, events and word-of-mouth marketing.

We've helped thousands of hairdressers start and grow their business.

Don't believe us? Here's what they have to say!

"A relative brought this for me when I was starting out in my beauty career. I’m not even a hairstylist but these lessons are great for anybody in the beauty industry. Doesn’t matter what you do, these lessons and skills are universal and timeless. Highly recommend!"

Savannah, Esthetician

"I always wondered how some hairstylists had a beautiful Instagram feed, thousands of engaged followers and were considered ‘influencers’ in the industry. I’ve learned it’s a combination of experience, consistency and hard work. This course plus the IG templates are a huge help in getting there. The IG templates alone are worth the price. But the insight and value from the course are worth 100x what it costs."

Trish, Hairstylist

"Starting, running and growing a successful hair business takes years and years. I’m still far from Eric’s level. But learning from him and his wisdom is like a cheat code. Eric is no stranger to success as a hairdresser. He’s been there, done that. Taking this course is a no-brainer - learn from the best! In 30, 60, 90 days from now, you’ll be glad you started today."

Tessa, Hairstylist

"Before this course I thought the only money to be made was off the service. I was so wrong! There’s so many opportunities for upsells. Eric tells us a little tip that I’ve never forgotten and has been key to not only increasing my average ticket but building trust and goodwill with my clients - I won’t give it away but it’s a game-changer."

Kennedi, Hairstylist

"I love doing hair but I’m a little bit of an introvert so sometimes I can come off a little stoic. This course has helped me hone my customer service skills to provide a great experience for my clients. These tips have helped my keep these clients for years! Thank you, Eric!!!"

Megan, Hairstylist

"Cutting and styling hair is one thing. Growing a successful business is a completely different skillset. With the Be Wildly Successful course, I’ve been given a roadmap to do that. And it’s paid off big. I’m charging my worth, growing my clientele and loving the direction my career is headed. I recommend this course for every hairstylist no matter your level. There’s always something to learn."

Myndy, Hairstylist

"Eric literally showed me how to double my retail sales by using his techniques. It’s easy and the money is great!"

Holly, Esthetician

"I love the ideas and the way everything is spelled out. I'm really working on asking my clients for referrals. I know I gave out more business cards than ever this week and I had clients tell me they were going to bring family members in soon. This program has really helped me grow my business."

Chloe, Hairstylist

"I have been focusing on the prebook section and putting it to use while I’m at work. It’s helping so much!"

Angela, Hairstylist

Meet your instructor

A stylist for over 30+ years. He’s the owner of Eric Fisher Salons, Eric Fisher Academy and Prosper U. A photographer. Father. And an avid reader. He’s one of the most successful stylists in the industry. You’ll probably never meet someone as passionate about the beauty industry as Eric. As a student for life, he believes education is the lifeblood.

Since the conception of his salons in 1987, he’s been coaching stylists to success. He’s won numerous business awards and has traveled the world as an educator. His salons and academy perform over 12,000 services a month and gross $10 million a year in sales.

The Be Wildly Successful Course includes everything Eric has done to grow his business and become super successful. The systems, scripts and information included are proven-to-work. As your master coach, Eric wants you to love what you do and make money doing it. He shows you exactly how to do it in this 12-hour course. We are led by one of the most successful hair stylist in the industry..

We are lead by some of the most successful hair stylist in the industry

“There is no better time than now to create the career of your dreams! Be Wildly Successful includes the systems, scripts and information you need to build your business. This legendary course will give you the tools to take your career to the next level. Start today and become that super successful artist you’ve always dreamed of being.”

-Eric Fisher

What are you waiting for?

Get started with the Be Wildly Successful Course today. We can help you take your career to the next level and set you on a path to greatness.



  • The secret to attracting your dream clients.
  • How to grow your business through social media the right way.
  • How to turn your clients into raving fans and boost referrals!


  • How to position yourself as an expert to your clients.
  • How to make more money per client every appointment.
  • The sales secret to guaranteeing repeat business.


  • How to create an unforgettable client experience and keep your clients coming back!
  • The keys to providing legendary customer service.
  • The strategy everybody needs to be doing but never does.

Advanced Training & Bonuses

Included with the Be Wildly Successful Course, you’ll also get a comprehensive library of bonus training programs to develop additional skills for growing a business that matters.

Be Wildly Successful
Digital Book + Audiobook

Ultimate Business-Building Book

Be Wildly Successful is the ultimate business-building book with the tools, systems and scripts to transform your business, become fully booked and have the life of your dreams. Master business coach, Eric Fisher, will help you unlock your greatness.

It will help you become passionate about your career by teaching you how to attract, maximize and retain your clients. If you feel stuck with where you’re at in your career and just don’t know what to do to change it – Be Wildly Successful is the book for you.

$49 Included with the Be Wildly Successful Pro and Elite Course

Editable Instagram Templates

100 IG Stories and Feed Posts

Creating content on social media is time-consuming. Let us help you! With your purchase you’ll get 100 IG Stories and Feed Posts that will help fast track your growth on social media.

Create a beautiful Instagram feed with these easy-to-customize templates on Canva.

It’s the perfect way to showcase your knowledge, work and business. Plus, it helps boost engagement with your community.

Once you purchase the course, you will get a download link. Just sign up for Canva, click the link and you’re ready to go!

You can easily add your own branding – add your content, change the images, text, and colors to suit your brand aesthetic with the click of a button!

Comes in both IG Feed Posts and IG Stories format.

$99 Included with the Be Wildly Successful Elite Course

Prosper U Pro App

Free Goal Setting and Tracking App

Want to make $100,000? Get money in savings? Buy that dream car? The power to achieve your dream income is possible with our easy-to-use app. The Prosper U PRO App will lead you to financial freedom by helping you know your expenses, set goals and track your progress. It’ll help you grow your business and make more money.

Style with Knowledge

In-depth Blowout and Styling Video Collection

Make your clients look good and keep them coming back to you with the styling secrets from Style With Knowledge. Created by master-stylist, and 12x North American Hairstyling Award Finalist, Eric Fisher. Style With Knowledge contains the techniques, elements and step-by-step videos for completing the most in-demand styles of today.

The program has 42 videos including:

  • 16 Fabulous Blowouts
  • 11 Killer Techniques
  • 8 Modern Iron Styles
  • And more!

$169 Included with the Be Wildly Successful Elite Course

Coaching Calls

12 Monthly Group Calls with the Eric Fisher Team

The Be Wildly Successful Coaching Calls will help you take your career to the next level. Join Eric Fisher and his team each month as they answer your questions and share information to elevate your business.

The coaching calls are designed to provide guidance and support as you work to build your business. Each call will allow you to connect, share and problem solve with a network of beauty professionals while completing the course.

$499 Included with the Be Wildly Successful Elite Course

Money Habits


Rewrite your money story! Break that paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and start feeling confident and in control of your hard-earned money. Creating a solid financial foundation is a must for financial wellness and wealth building. Money Habits can help you reach your financial goals faster by giving you the tools you need and a plan that actually works. This financial foundation program was created specifically for the professional beauty industry. It gives you the personal financial skills critical for staying power in the industry that you love so much.

$59 Included with the Be Wildly Successful Elite Course

What are you waiting for?

There’s no better time than today to start building your business.

Sign up for the Be Wildly Successful Elite Course and gain access to content worth over $3,936.