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I believe that it is important to share the best of what I have learned with others. By doing so, I hope to provide you with an advantage over those who have to learn everything for themselves. This Best Practice Series focuses on points that I believe lead to success in the beauty industry. These are the fundamentals that I used to expand my company from 1 salon to 4. We use these methods every day to grow and prosper. – Eric Fisher


Being Early is on Time

In the beauty industry, being on time is vital to your business. Your clients depend on you to be punctual. This is why you should strive to be at least 10 minutes early every day. If you can, even earlier. This gives you the time to prepare for your day mentally. In those extra 10 minutes, you can think about the kind of day you want to have. The type of beauty professional you want to be. And the kind of work you want to perform. Then, you can look at your schedule and prepare. Think about where you could add-on services throughout the day and pre-calculate your income.

Coming to work early not only gives you time to prepare mentally, but it also helps you prepare physically too. You can make sure your area is clean in just a few minutes and your tools are ready to go. When you arrive early, you’ll know who your clients will be and what kind of day you’re going to have. You can psyche yourself up to be your best. It gives you a chance to be proactive and think about retail, rebooking and asking for referrals. When you’re early, your day will be smoother – for you and your clients.

Watch the video below to find out why Eric Fisher thinks it’s important to be early.



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