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photo of person throwing a dart to represent how to make some goals

I believe that it is important to share the best of what I have learned with others. By doing so, I hope to provide you with an advantage over those who have to learn everything for themselves. This Best Practice Series focuses on points that I believe lead to success in the beauty industry. These are the fundamentals that I used to expand my company from 1 salon to 4. We use these methods every day to grow and prosper. – Eric Fisher


Make Some Goals

Goal setting is a key element in your growth and progress. There are many benefits to setting goals. Goals give you direction, they help you focus on what’s important, provide clarity in decision-making and motivate you.

When you’re setting goals, ask yourself what do you want to accomplish and why. What do these goals mean to you? A better lifestyle? Increased self-fulfillment? The ability to work less? Greater happiness? Heightened self-confidence and self-esteem?

As a beauty and wellness professional, here are some examples of the goals you may set:

  • Double your average ticket
  • Be booked out a month in advance
  • Sell retail to 50% of your guests
  • Practice your craft 30 minutes every day
  • Read one book per month
  • Workout every day
  • Pre-book 80% of your guests

After you’ve figured out what you want your goals to be, you can do nothing, you can do a little, or you can do a lot. A good best practice is to map out the steps you’ll take and strategies you’ll use to reach your goals. The more effort you put in, the better your chances are of successfully reaching your goals. Your goals should give you a sense of purpose. They should excite and motivate you.

Don’t get disappointed if you don’t reach your goal right away. Instead, evaluate where you started and where you are now. Look at what worked and what didn’t. Determine if this is still important to you. And if it is, make adjustments and keep working on it.

Now ask yourself: “What goal do I want to work towards?” Map out how you can get there.

For more insights on goal setting, hear what Eric has to say in the video below!



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