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We have recently been seeing an obsession with 1970s hair and clothes.Women are tiring of sleek, precise cuts and voluminous round brush blowouts. Being able to feature their natural textures with awell-cut shag or layered cut gives them that freedom and the proper blow dry technique can make the most of natural texture.

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(photo by @anhcotran)

Texture is key to keeping this look modern as opposed to the severe looks of the 80s.

Stylists like Anh Co Tran (@anhcotran), Andy Judd (@andy_doesyourhair), Bree Ritter (@goodbyehorsegirl)and many others achieve this look by applying a volumizing product like a light weight mousse, combing the product through the hair for even product distribution and using a diffuser to add or emphasize the cient’s natural wave and texture. Sea salt sprays are also great for adding an ‘undone’ finish to this style.

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(Photo by@andy_doesyourhair)

If your client doensn’t have alot of natural texture – try twisting pieces of hair into ropes and diffusing them by setting them in the cup of the diffuser on low air.