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We want you to reach your goals and love what you do because, let’s face it, we love this industry. It’s the greatest industry in the world. As beauty professionals, we get to make people look and feel great every day. As a result, people look forward to seeing us. There is so much potential for success. But getting started is the hardest part. In this series, “Business Advice from Eric Fisher,” we tap into Eric’s wealth of knowledge and share advice that will help you reach your goals. So without further ado, here’s the latest business tip.


Develop Your “Enhanced Self”

When I was younger, I had very poor communication skills and rarely talked in public. In fact, my mom thought there was something wrong with me because of my inability to communicate. It wasn’t until I became a little older and more confident in school that I began to speak up. Now, I make a good living speaking publicly and with clients. I would still consider myself more of an introvert than an extrovert, but I’ve learned to manage my weaknesses and master my strengths.

Whether you’re a natural introvert or extrovert, communication is essential in the service industry. No matter what your personality, you can – and MUST – learn to talk with anyone.

If you want your guests to understand the value you bring to them, you must communicate properly. You must talk at a nice pace with a pleasant sound in your voice. Your words paint a picture in your guest’s mind. Make sure that picture is a masterpiece and inspires a sense of confidence.

Think of it this way: It’s important always to be true to who you are. But sometimes, you have to develop your “enhanced self.” You have to bring forth a certain bravery that hasn’t been there before. Sometimes, you have to be an actor and act like someone else. It’s kind of like a rock-star version of yourself – full of confidence, talent and enthusiasm.

If you’re someone who loves talking with people, this may come very easily. But for those for whom it takes great effort, here are some guidelines for developing your “enhanced self”:

  • Smile.
  • Stand up straight.
  • Lean slightly forward.
  • Look them in the eye.
  • Shake their hand firmly with two pumps up and down.
  • Speak with a clear, strong voice.
  • Train yourself to speak confidently without the use of such words as “uh,” “um,” and “like.”
  • Believe that you have the power to bring positive change in people.



Review the list above of ways to develop your “enhanced self” and identify three steps you can begin taking today!


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