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“Successful people do the things unsuccessul people won’t do.”

In this industry, it is critical to be available to your guests.  People are busy, stressed and time-pressed.  That is why it is important to be willing to come in early and stay late.   You MUST work the hours that accommodate today’s clientele.  

Most stylists, barbers, estheticians and nail techs don’t want to come in at 7am or work til 10pm and very few want to work on Sundays.  But succeeding in this industry means understanding these times and days are premium to our guests.  If you make yourself available during peak times; you will have the advantage over service providers who are unwiling to come in early or work late.  

Take a look at your current schedule and compare it to the busiest times in the salon.  Is there an opportunity to add an extra hour in the evening or early morning? Do what it takes to be available to your guests!  


Eric Fisher