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Everyone loves a compliment!

Complimenting or praising people makes them feel good and creates a positive experience.  Compliment your guest at any given opportunity.  Compliment their makeup, shoes, clothes, eyes, or hair. 

I don’t just do this for my guests.  I do it for everybody.  I make sure I compliment or praise my team everyday.  I start off each day with 10 pennies in my right pocket.  Every time I compliment someone or praise something, I take a penny out and move it to the left pocket. My goal is to switch pennies from my right pocket to my left pocket by the end of the day.  

Its been said that when you receive a compliment the part of your brain that lights up is the same part that lights up when you hit the jackpot in Vegas!  That’s how good compliments make us feel.  

Start today!  Be a good finder and a daymaker for someone else.  You will reap the rewards.


Eric Fisher