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Make More Money with Retail

The money you make from selling retail can help you pay your rent, make your car payment, eat at fancy restuarants, buy new tools and more! Your goal should be to get 30 – 50% of your clients buying retail from you.

Here’s a foolproof way to make more money by selling retail.

Every time you use a product on your client. Tell them about it!

Tell them:
  – What product you’re using.
  – Why you’re using the product.
  – How to use the product.
  – Where to use the product.
  – When to use the product.
  – Most importantly, tell them what you love about the product!

At the end of the service, walk your client to the retail area, take the three top products you used on your client and set them at the Guest Services counter. Say: “These are the three products I used on you today. In my professional opinion, these are the best products for you hair.”

It’s that easy! Try it today and watch your retail sales grow.

Thank you,
Eric Fisher
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