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We want you to reach your goals and love what you do because, let’s face it, we love this industry. It’s the greatest industry in the world. As beauty professionals, we get to make people look and feel great every day. As a result, people look forward to seeing us. There is so much potential for success. But getting started is the hardest part. In this series, “Business Advice from Eric Fisher,” we tap into Eric’s wealth of knowledge and share advice that will help you reach your goals. Without further ado, here’s the latest business tip.


Never stop learning!

Wouldn’t it be terrible if you never learned a new haircut or coloring technique? If a client came in looking for balayage and you had to say, “I never learned how to do that.  Let’s just do our usual highlights.”  Or if your client came in wanting Miley Cyrus’ new mullet/shag haircut and you had to say you weren’t really sure how to execute that.

Be a student for life. At Prosper U PRO, that is our motto. Why? Because education is the lifeblood of success. It leads to greater passion, knowledge and a more successful and fulfilling career.

These seven benefits should be reason enough never to stop learning.

  1. Remain Relevant. Ensure you remain relevant to your industry by keeping up to date with trends and adapting your skill set.
  2. Prepare for the Unexpected. By continuing to learn, you’ll more easily step out of your comfort zone and take on new opportunities.
  3. Boost Your Profile. When you’re always learning, you’ll keep improving and grow in your career and start to receive recommendations from colleagues and managers.
  4. Competence Leads to Confidence. Learning new things gives us a feeling of accomplishment, which in turn boosts our confidence in our own capabilities.
  5. Sparks New Ideas. Acquiring new skills will unveil new opportunities and help you find innovative solutions to problems.
  6. Change Your Perspective. Continuous learning opens your mind and changes your attitude by building on what you already know.
  7. Pay it Forward. Continuous learning isn’t just about you. Lifelong learning helps develop your leadership skills which then translates into fostering lifelong learning in others.


the challenge

Take an honest look at your skill-set. Is there an area where you know you could improve? Is there a product line you avoid using because you don’t know that much about it? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes,’ set aside time each week to practice and learn. Use those breaks in your day to read up on products you aren’t familiar with. Practice updo’s. Sign up for that mens cutting or balayage class!


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