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Start with a Great Smile

Business advice from Eric Fisher

Mother Theresa said, “A smile is the greatest gift of all.” Simply smiling at people makes them feel happy and good about life. It diffuses any nervousness they might have. Sometimes, you have to pretend clients are like kindergarteners on their first day of school. A smile will make them feel more at ease—instantly.

One recent study of happiness revealed that people who smile often have a better outlook on life. People who smile are happier then the ones who don’t. Chronic “Smilers” actually live longer than people who don’t.

There’s a solid science behind these revelations. The physiology of smiling sends a positive message to the brain, which releases serotonin and healthy enzymes, which make you feel better. That makes a smile the cheapest drug you can get.

So start smiling now, even if you don’t feel like it. Smile every change you get. It’s a very important part of making your culture outstanding.


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By the way, smiles are contagious. If you smile, others will smile back at you.>

First thing tomorrow, make your guest feel welcome with a warm, genuine smile. You’ll see how it sets the stage for an exceptional experience—for both of you!

Eric Fisher