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We want you to reach your goals and love what you do because, let’s face it, we love this industry. It’s the greatest industry in the world. As beauty professionals, we get to make people look and feel great every day. As a result, people look forward to seeing us. There is so much potential for success. But getting started is the hardest part. In this series, “Business Advice from Eric Fisher,” we tap into Eric’s wealth of knowledge and share advice that will help you reach your goals. Without further ado, here’s the latest business tip.

The Four 3’s

Connecting with a customer on a personal level is a challenging goal. When meeting a new person, we have on average only 7 seconds to make a first impression. So what are the ways that we can make a good impression on a customer in such a short time while making them engaged in a conversation and leaving them with a memorable interaction?


I practice a technique I call “The Four 3’s.”


1. Say “hello” and “goodbye” 3 times.  A hello can make friends of two strangers, it can bring a smile to someone who is alone. A hello can change how we feel about a person, place and ourselves. A warm, sincere greeting will make a positive first impression. Likewise, it’s important to remember that the farewell is just as important as the greeting.  The farewell gives the lasting impression of a business and can be the determining factor for a positive feeling when that customer thinks of you.  The farewell is one of the easiest and impactful steps to customer satisfaction.

2. Compliment your client 3 times. Everyone loves a compliment. Compliment your guests at every given opportunity. Say something positive. Complimenting people makes them feel good and creates a positive experience.

3. Use the client’s name 3 times. Hearing your name is like music to your ears. It makes us feel important. Imagine what that can do for your client. Using your client’s name creates a culture of comfort and caring. It is such a simple thing yet it makes such an impact.

4. Thank them 3 times. “Thank you” is such a powerful phrase. Thanking people reassures them of their value and makes them feel appreciated. It is one of the easiest and most basic ways to show you care.


the challenge

Start today. Whenever the occasion arises, practice the four 3’s. Experience the impact this will have on your business.


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