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Photo of graffitti hearts to represent how to create raving fans and clients who love you

While we’d like to think all our guests are loyal to us and would never dream of leaving, that’s not the case. Your guests are always in a state of movement. Your goal is to create an incredible experience that makes your guests want to come back and bring a friend! You want them to be raving fans. Your guests will go through a cycle with you as you develop a relationship with them. We call this the Client Loyalty Cycle.



The Client Loyalty Cycle breaks down the different stages your guests can move through as they spend time with you. Your guests may not reach every single point in the cycle; some might jump levels, and others may get stuck in a position for an extended period. Think of the Client Loyalty Cycle as a pyramid. Here’s what it looks like:

Raving Fans

At the top of the pyramid are your Raving Fans. These clients should make up at least 5-10% of your client base. This group thinks you hung the moon and stars. They’re the ones who will do anything for you, including referring friends and strangers. They are responsible for at least half of your first-time clients. Because they feed new clients into your funnel, you should reward and acknowledge them regularly.

Loyal Clients

At the next level are your Loyal Clients. They should make up 15-20% of your client base. This level is your loyal fan base. These clients will come back again and again because they like you. You can move to the other side of town, and they’ll follow you because they have an emotional connection with you. Don’t get the service perfect, and they’ll forgive you. Take a vacation, and they won’t book with anyone else.


The third level is your general Clients. They should make up 20-50% of your client base. These clients like you and what you do for them, but they can be taken away from you if you’re not careful. They may leave you for another business because of pricing, location, the service, etc.

First-time Clients

The fourth level is your First-time Clients. Your First-time Clients should make up 10-15% of your client base. These are guests that are in to see you for the very first time. They might have found you on social media, an ad, or from a referral. No matter how they find you, you should create a fantastic experience that will make them want to come back.

Former Clients

The fifth level is your Former Clients. They typically make up 10-20% of your client base. Some losses are unavoidable – some clients move, others are never satisfied, and some may not like your prices or services. While you can’t control why everyone leaves, you do want to manage your guest’s experience and provide them with Legendary Customer Service to keep as many guests as you can. You can read more about Legendary Customer Service on this blog post.

Prospective Clients

The last level is your Prospective Clients. Everyone you know and meet is a prospective guest. This category is so important that you should always be ready to prospect for new guests. Use every opportunity you can to tell people what you do!



The goal of a raving fan is to have them tell everyone else about you. They love you and your services so much that they can’t wait to tell anyone and everyone they meet. They’re like a walking billboard for you. If you’re still working to build your client base with people you love, not every guest that comes to see you will be your ideal raving fan. It’s essential to think about your guests, who you love, and which clients you’d want to have more people like. Defining that will show you who your ideal raving fan is.



Your ultimate goal is to turn as many ideal guests as possible into raving fans. But, how do you move a guest through the Client Loyalty Cycle to become a raving fan? Here are three ways you can start creating raving fans.

Provide an Unforgettable Experience

Your guests aren’t just coming in for the service you provide; they’re coming in for the experience. It’s about the relationship your build. It’s how you make them feel. Treat your return guests as well as you treat a first-time guest. Don’t get too comfortable with your guests where you start taking advantage of their loyalty. Create an unforgettable experience for them that they’ll want to tell everyone else about.

Create Referral Programs

It’s essential to ask your guests for referrals, but a great way to create raving fans is to reward them for referring new people. There are different ways you can reward your guests. Here are some ideas! You can reward them for every person they send in or do a more significant gift when they send in a certain number of people. You can do a referral contest where their name goes into a drawing for a gift basket with every person they refer, or you can do a referral contest where the person who sends in the most referrals gets a series of free services. The options are endless. You just need to make sure your rewards balance with the effort.

Host Exclusive Events

Who doesn’t love to be celebrated?! Host a guest event exclusive for your raving fans to show your appreciation. The event can be a single day, a week or a month. Consider including free mini services, product promotions, giveaways, food and beverages. The event can be anything you want it to be; it’s ultimately up to your imagination and resources.



Identify which of your current guests you want your raving fans to be. Then, pick one of the ways to start turning them into raving fans!


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