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Sometimes its not about the hair you take off, but the hair you leave on.  Not every haircut is a major transformation but every haircut is a transformation for your client.  

Watch below as Tiandra Tran (@tia_tiaaaaa) from Eric Fisher Salon reshapes this cropped cut to make the most of her client’s natural texture.  

B2Down A NotchA1Down A Notch


Here’s how to do it:

  1. Section the hair from recession to recession with a horseshoe parting.
  2. Take a vertical section at center back, pull hair out to 90 degrees and cut to desired length.  Continue with this vertical sectioning to the front on both sides.  Cutting verticallly at 90 degrees will keep the shape tight to the head shape below the occipital and provide a softer effect.  
  3. Start at the back crown with a vertical center section and continue cutting, 90 degrees to the headshape, taking radial partings.
  4. Continue take pie or pivoting sections and cut to both sides.
  5. Using the mohawk section as your guide, begin taking horizontal sections across the top of the headshape and continue cutting at 90 degrees to the fringe area.  Once you determine the length for the fringe, you can over direct as needed.