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Hi, I’m Eric Fisher. I am the owner of 4 salons, a beauty school and a business education company for beauty schools and professionals. I have won a few hair awards, a few business awards, a few industry awards. I have a passion for learning. Because of my own thirst for knowledge, I am also passionate about sharing with all of you. The Eric’s Favs series is just that. Me sharing with you the things I am inspired by right now.


podcast to listen to

The GaryVee Podcast Experience. Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur, and serves as the Chairman of VaynerX and the CEO of VaynerMedia. Check out Get Motivated By Working On Your Passion | Tea With GaryVee.


book to start

Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know by Adam Grant. In an increasingly divided world, it is important to create a culture of learning and exploration. I always believe that you should be a student for life. Opening your mind to other opinions gives us an opportunity to grow and learn from those who disagree with us. Learn to challenge your thought process.


article to read

Leadership in the Rearview Mirror by Katie Whitledge. A year ago we were shutting our salons down in the face of a global pandemic. Katie reflects on the take-aways we have had looking back on 2020 and the ways we can evolve our leadership going forward.


trend to follow

The shag continues to be a highly trending haircut. Lots of texture and movement with the ability to stretch further between haircut appointments, this modern twist on a classic favorite is the way to go. This cut works on thick or fine hair, curly or straight. If you get the fringe right – the rest of the haircut falls into place easily.


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