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eric’s september favs

Hi, I’m Eric Fisher. I am the owner of 4 salons, a beauty school and a business education company for beauty schools and professionals.  I have won a few hair awards, a few business awards, a few industry awards. I have a passion for learning. Because of my own thirst for knowledge, I am also passionate about sharing with all of you. The Eric’s Favs series is just that.  Me sharing with you the things I am inspired by right now.

Books I am reading:


Products I am loving:

I am doing a lot of hair with texture right now one of my favorite products is Curl Defining Creme by Aquage.  This creme eliminates frizz on naturally curly or permed hair and defines strands while keeping curls soft, silky and pliable.

If I want a little more hold without crunch, I cocktail Curl Defining Creme with Defining Gel. Defining Gel is a flexible hold gel that controls curl, defines texture and eliminates frizz.

If the hair is really dry and in need of moisture, I cocktail Curl Defining Creme with Silkening Oil Treatment. Silkening Oil Treatment adds brilliance and shine, provides thermal UV protection and accelerates the drying time by up to 40%.


Podcast I am Listening to:

“How I Built This with Guy Raz.”  Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies. He shares the business success stories and struggles of entrepreneurs, innovators and those who followed their dreams and changed their industries. His “How I Built Resilience” series talks with several founders and entrepreneurs on how they are navigating the turbulent times we are currently living in.