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Hi, I’m Eric Fisher. I am the owner of 4 salons, a beauty school and a business education company for beauty schools and professionals. I have won a few hair awards, a few business awards, a few industry awards. I have a passion for learning. Because of my own thirst for knowledge, I am also passionate about sharing with all of you. The Eric’s Favs series is just that. Me sharing with you the things I am inspired by right now.


 podcast to listen to

The CX Leadership Podcast Series hosted by Steve Walker.  In Episode #153, Proving the Value of Customer Experience, Steve Walker and Bob Thompson delve into gaining support from your team by proving the value of customer experience. I truly believe in the importance of providing five star customer service but its important that your team believes in it too. Happy customers are a key driver to the success of a business.


 book to start

The Book of Joy by his Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Douglas Abrams. For me, this book is pivotal in my thinking of things such as relationships and the like. This book explores the nature of joy and the obstacles that keep us from joy.


 article to read

Allure Magazine February Edition.  Black Hair is Beautiful, Should Hairstylists Be Trained to Work with All Hair Textures?  This is an industry hot topic right now. I believe hair should be treated as a fiber, not an ethnicity. If you are a cutter, you should be able to cut every type of hair. If you are a colorist, you should be able to color any type of hair. Mastering all textures will only help you grow as a stylist.