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emily jatajkowski red


 (images from Getty)

While many chose a neutral makeup palette for their red carpet look, there were those who ventured into a more bold color choice for the 2019 Golden Globe Awards.  Lili Reinhart and Emily Ratajkowski chose red as a way to add attitude and make a statement, red EYE shadow!  How can you recreate this look?  More importantly, SHOULD you recreate this look?  The team at Prosper U Pro decided to try this look out and share our findings.  

Red eyeshadow can work on anyone but you must find the right shade of red.  Lighter skin tones will do better with rusty reds whereas those with medium to darker skin tones will want to choose primary red, burgundy or eggplant.  

You must conceal and perfect your skin. Since red will emphasize any other redness in the skin, you must conceal scars, blemishes and dark shadows.  Eye shadow primer is a must.

Red eyeshadow should be the standout focal point on your face. Use contour instead of blush and opt for a neutral lip color.  

Brows are the one feature you should amp up when wearing red eyeshadow. Well-defined brows will frame your red lids beautifully. 

Finish the look with dark, thick lashes. 

The products we used: Two Faced Eye Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette; Morphe X Jaclyn Hill The Vault Bling Boss Eyeshadow Palette, Urban Decay Heat 24/4 Glide On Eye liner in Alkaline and BADgal Bang! Mascara

Our thoughts.  Would we wear this look again?  Perhaps.  It did take more time than we typically allot for our morning routine.  One concern was that it would look like we had been crying for days but no one asked if we were ok or offered tissues. Everyone agreed this look is out of the typical comfort zone but there were several  positive comments for our efforts.

In conclusion, we think you should definitely give it a try!