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Retailing is one of the most profitable parts of the beauty business. It is also an area that many beauty professionals struggle with. You don’t want to come across as a pushy used car salesman so you end up falling into poor retail habits.

It is important to remember, you are a professional. Your clients trust you and come to you to solve their challenges. They are looking for ways to recreate the look and experience you gave them at home. Sharing the retail products you recommend is a key piece.

If you want to elevate your retail sales, here are five retail killers you should avoid.



  1. You look bad. How can you expect a client to buy products from you if you don’t look the part?  Your hair, makeup and skin should look great.
  2. You don’t think they can afford it. People afford what they want to and what is important to them. Never judge a book by its cover. Every client buys products, get them to buy from you. You can explain that professional products are more concentrated than store brands and so they will use less.
  3. You don’t use any products on the client. Not using any products on the client is a guaranteed way not to sell retail. Cocktail products and use more than you think you need.
  4. You don’t talk about the products you are using. Research shows 82% of clients don’t buy products from their service provider because the provider doesn’t tell them about the products they are using. Your clients are going to use products and most of them will walk out of the salon or spa and go straight to the grocery or retail store! You have four opportunities to tell a client about the product. Talk about the what, when, why, how and how much to use.
  5. You are afraid to hear the word “no.” Nobody likes to hear the word “no.” So don’t ask! Tell the client about the products you are using on them. Walk them to the retail area and grab three products they need the most and set them on the front desk counter. Simply say, “These are the three products I used on you today. In my professional opinion, these are the best products to solve the challenges you mentioned today. If you have any challenges, give me a call.”  And walk away.

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Talk about the products you are using with EACH and EVERY client. In your down time, read the product labels on products you aren’t as familiar with and be informed about the product lines your salon or spa offers.  If you educate your client about the products you are using during their appointment, you are on the way to increasing your average ticket and retail sales.


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