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Hair Color Formula: Multidemensional Blonde by Erin Frazee

Erin Frazee (@erinfrazee) is a multidimensional hair color and extension specialist based out of Cleveland, OH. She is the owner of HEYDAY COLLECTIVE salon. We love following Erin. Her feed is filled with beautiful custom colors, lucious waves and the most natural looking extensions. This before and after has us swooning! Keep scrolling to get the lowdown on how she did it.


Color Lines used: Keune + Redken

Products Used: Unite

Formula A (base + lowlight)

Keune Tinta 6+6.1, 15vol developer

Formula B (highlight)

Keune Magic Blonde + 20-30 vol developer + Brazilian Bond Builder b3 additive

Formula C (toner)

Redken Shades EQ 9GI + Processing Solution


    Formula A was to touch up the clients base color and cover grey. Using Formula B with a foilayage technique, Erin used her artistic discretion to pick out select areas that needed to be lighter, specifically around the face, and some areas throughout the crown where she wanted to bring up lightness in a very organic way while still leaving a very rooted look. Once foils were placed, Erin went back in between foils with Formula A to hand paint some lowlights and feather them down 2-4 inches to break up and help tone some areas that appeared brassy. Process, shampoo, and rinse. Apply Formula C as a toner to the mids and ends. Process and rinse. Apply Unite 7Seconds Detangler to damp hair for color- and heat-protection. Apply Unite Expanda Root Energizer at the roots and Boosta Volume Spray through the mids and ends before blow drying with a round brush for volume.

On clients with lower density or finer hair, Erin likes to use hand-tied extensions and a beaded row method to enhance the overall color and create a fuller, more dimensional look. For this look she used two colors of Bohyme Luxe Hand-Tied Extension Hair (18”) which she custom colored to match the client’s hair color.

When coloring extension hair, Erin recommends giving it your full attention and starting with a diluted or same-level toner, as extension hair can be unpredictable! Typically she uses warmer toners or adds gold when depositing a root color that needs to sit on longer, and uses cooler toners to quickly tone the lengths to remove any unwanted warmth. Redken Shades EQ is her preferred product to use on extensions because of it’s consistency and blendability!

Bohyme Luxe Hand-Tied Extension Hair – 6 wefts Shade 8

Formula D:

Redken Shades EQ 8V

Formula E: 

Redken Shades EQ 6N+6NB,

Formula F:

Redken Shades EQ 8GI


Bohyme Luxe Hand-Tied Extension Hair – 6 wefts Shade 22

Formula D:

Redken Shades EQ 2 parts 9G + 1 part 9V

Formula E:

Redken Shades EQ 6NB + 6GB

Formula F:

Redken Shades EQ 8GI


FORMULA STEPS (steps are the same for both colors of extension hair)

    Begin by shampooing the extension hair and toning the damp hair with Formula D. Once the desired balance of ash/warmth is achieved, rinse and towel dry. On damp hair, apply Formula E at the root with a bottle and feather down 1-2” with a brush. Use a CLEAR gloss or a formula 1-2 levels lighter than the root formula to blend out what might turn into a harsh line of demarcation. Here, Erin used Formula F, applied with a bottle and blended down softly with a brush. After each application of color, use a comb to ensure saturation and blend further. Process at least 10 minutes, or until desired color is achieved. Rinse, condition, dry fully, and use a flat iron to smooth the extension hair before placing and attaching in the client’s hair. Erin prefers a beaded row method for less risk of damage, less visibility within the client’s hair, and more versatility of styling. Once extensions were installed, use a 1.25” barrel ceramic curling iron to create loose waves, brushed them out and used Unite Texturiza Spray for added volume and texture.