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Master stylist Jen Okpara gives her client hand-painted sunkissed hair. 

– “Trash” Brush (what’s used to distribute product from the bowl to the paddle)
– Brush- Balayage Paddle
– Tailcomb- Jaw – Perforated Plastic


L’Oreal Professional Multi-Techniques Lightening Powder + 30 Volume Maji Creme Developer + 30 Volume Nutri Developer

Mix 1:1:1
L’Oreal Professional Smartbond: add on top of formula

L’Oreal Professional ½ Clear + ¼ 9 N + ¼ 8.02 + 9 Volume DIActivateur Developer


1. Find the part

2. Take two upside down triangles off the part

3. Use your “trash” brush to place lightener on your balayage paddle

4. Starting in the back, take a triangle subsection
     – For thick hair take between a ½” and a 1” deep triangle
     – For fine hair take between a 1” or 2” deep triangle

5. Gather a small amount of lightener on the edge of your brush

6. Apply lightener starting in the mid-shaft using a downward sweeping motion

7. Work up to the root making a fine point on the left and right side of your section

8. Continue sweeping down until you get to the ends of the hair

9. Place the paddle under the ends and do a full saturation

10. Take your next subsection and repeat until you have worked through the entire section

11. Cover the hair with perforated plastic

12. Take two smaller triangle sections off the part and repeat

13. Continue this process to the part

14. Process for 30 minutes

15. Rinse, shampoo, condition and apply gloss to wet hair

16. Process for 10 minutes

17. Rinse, blow-dry and style

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