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Hindsight is 20/20. We have all heard this phrase. But what does it really mean?

The word “hindsight” refers to looking back or reflecting on things in the past, and “20/20” refers to perfect vision. So when we look back on situations in the past, we see things more clearly than we did at the time they were happening.

As 2020 comes to a close, most of us agree it was a pretty tough year. March saw an unprecedented shutdown of our country. This was particularly devastating to the beauty industry where many stylists live paycheck to paycheck and are self-employed. Suddenly we had a lot of extra time on our hands.

Some of us used this time to plan what a salon experience would look like once we were allowed to reopen.

Reopening meant the way we handled our guest experience had to change.  No hugs, no blowouts, masks for everyone. And in some cases, no unnecessary conversation. There were some services that had to be suspended.  Shaves in a barber shop and facial waxing were put on hold.

Some of us conducted business in ‘open air’ salons or took to the road to find pop-up situations in which we could share our craft in states that were open to salons conducting business.

Technology became even more important as we looked for ways to make the experience ‘contactless’ as much as possible. Online booking, reminders, check-in, payments and health questionnaires. A business all about building personal connection seemed to be a little less personal.


the positives

But as we look back at everything that happened and all we learned; perhaps there is some positive to come from 2020 that we can carry forward to 2021.

  1. Better sanitation practices.  We are an industry that prides ourselves on sanitation and 2020 gave us the opportunity to do a little more to keep our salons and spas safe for ourselves and our guests. Because we already have such high standards, going the extra mile wasn’t that hard.
  2. Taking extra time to spend with each guest. A lot of stylists are ‘double bookers’ getting guests in an out of our chairs every 30 minutes – or less!  In order to be as safe as possible we had to cut back on the number of clients in the salon. Now we have the opportunity to spend quality time with each guest, building relationships, offering additional services and making sure that each guest feels special and leaves as a raving fan.
  3. Personal care. Relax more and spend time with those we love. Read more books. Take time to pick up new skills and hobbies or spend our downtime enjoying old ones.
  4. Online education. We took advantage of virtual education and took classes to perfect our skills – or learn new ones.
  5. We learned we could face adversity and adapt.


the challenge

Think about the last 12 months. What did you accomplish that you might not have had time to otherwise? Share with us what you will be taking into 2021.


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