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Raising your prices is a great way to make more money. However, there is an art to how and when to raise your prices without sacrificing your clients.

When should you consider raising your prices?

You should consider raising your prices when you’re booked weeks in advance, you have an established loyal fan base, you perform exceptional services, you provide an incredible experience, and you’ve grown in your skill level.

How do you raise your prices?

There are two factors to consider when raising your prices:

  1. The amount of notice to give your customer. Give your clients ample notice before a price increase. We recommend providing two months’ notice to your customers. Use multiple methods to get the word out like email, social media, station talkers, website, and telling the guest at their appointment. When you talk about your price increase, make it a celebration of your accomplishment!
  2. The amount of increase. No matter how much notice you give your clients, many clients may leave you if you make a massive jump in prices. A good rule of thumb is to raise your prices once a year with an increase of 5-15%. Your demographic, expenses and brand should all be taken into account when determining your increase percentage. You also want to make sure that the experience level remains high for your clients. Think about what types of added value you can provide to your guests during their service.

The Eric Fisher Salons does a price increase of about eight percent per year for every beauty and wellness professional who merits an increase. This is based on their demand, skill level, and productivity. The salon notifies customers several months in advance. Every time there is a price increase for a stylist, they send out a letter to clients, post signage at the stylist’s station, and announce it on social media.

Most beauty and wellness professionals think that their clients will go somewhere else if they raise their prices. However, when done correctly, you may lose a few clients, but the majority will stay with you. And the ones who stay will make up for the financial loss because they’ll be paying higher prices. This can allow you to maintain or increase your income while working less or fill your books with new guests who have been waiting to get into you and are more than happy to pay your prices!

the challenge

Think about what benchmarks you want to hit to raise your prices. Write them down and create a plan to get there! Determine what you would say to clients to announce your price increase and where you would notify them.


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