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Sometimes, we are all thumbs when it comes to creating beautiful braids.  Another Day, Another Braid makes it look so easy!  We are loving this Elevated Dutch Braid which is perfect for 2 day hair, a special occasion or just for fun.  Follow along to recreate this Elevated Dutch Braid look.


  1. Start at the crown of the head and take your first section.
  2. While holding that section of hair in the right hand, take a small section of hair from the left side.
  3. Take the section on the left and follow the simple technique – under the middle, then over.
  4. Moving over to the right side, take another small section and repeat the under the middle, over technique. Now you have your traditional 3 strands of hair for your Dutch braiding.
  5. Go back to the left side and take another small section. Add this section to the top third and repeat your under the middle, over technique.
  6. Continue adding hair from each side following the under the middle, over technique until you run out of hair and reach the nape area.
  7. Secure the ponytail with a clear elastic band.
  8. Take a very small section of hair and wrap it around the elastic 2 or 3 times to hide it.
  9. Using a bobby pin, secure the hair around the elastic by inserting the bobby pin upward behind the ponytail.
  10. At this point you can deconstruct your braid, curl the ends and personalize the look.

(Photo credit Another Day, Another Braid)

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