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(Photo courtesy of Kitchen Decor) 

Festival Season is HERE!  

Coachella marks the beginning of festival season and is always a gold mine for boundary-pushing fashion and cool hairstyles. The festival draws in celebrities and influencers and sets the tone for what the summer trends will be.  These organic, boho styles will be wearer-friendly and a great way to give your clients a little extra.  No matter what they are doing this summer. 

Braids with Space Buns

 Festival Hair 3

(Photo from Charl Heaney)

Part hair in the center.  Section from recession to recession.  Starting on one side, braid back to the area you want to place your space bun and go a couple of inches beyond.  Secure your braid with an elastic.  Repeat for the other side.  Now to create your space buns; back comb the hair below the elastic.  Loop it around once and pin. Loop the rest of the hair around the base and pin again.  Repeat for the other side.  To attach glitter or rhinestones on the part, use eye lash glue and tweezers.  Be sure to adhere them to the scalp so they stay in place.


Half Up/Half Down Dutch (or French) Braids

Festival Hair 2 copy 

(Photo from Marie Claire)

Part hair in the center all the way to the nape.  Secure the side you aren’t working on with a clip.  Dutch or french braid hair to behind the ear and secure with an elastic.  Repeat on the other side.  You can finish your braids by wrapping them with leather cord or by wrapping a small section of hair around the elastic and tucking it in.  


Hair ‘Bubbles’

Festival Hair 1 copy

(Photo from My Hair Care)

Again, part hair in the center all the way to the nape.  Secure the side you are not working on with a clip.  Pull one side into a ponytail and secure with an elastic.  To begin creating the bubbles, put an elastic about 4 fingers down.  Once this is secure, begin pulling the hair out on all sides to create the bubble.  Repeat the process about another 4 fingers down until you reach the ends. Once you have finished both sides, you can embellish with leather cord if you like.