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At a recent hair show I heard more than one beauty professional talk about how easy it was to buy new tools like shears, blow dryers and clippers and how they didn’t have funds available for business courses or furthering their education.  

Some stylists find it easy to spend money on new tools – like shears – but hesitate to spend money on education. Sure those $1500 shears are fancy – and investing in your tools IS important – but HOW are you going to pay for those shears?  Some of you might say that you will be able to do more haircuts, faster with those shears.  That’s great!  But what if you don’t have a huge clientele? Have you considered how you are going to get more clients in your chair? 

At this point doesn’t it make sense to invest in your education as well?  If you want to reach your full potential, you need to have a stake in the game. We are not proposing that you go deep into debt paying for random classes and education.  For example, if you’re going to sign up for a $300 haircutting class, you should have a plan in place before you even attend the class.  How will you utilize the knowledge and market your skills to grow your business?  

Its important to be 100% committed to growing your business before you start spending your hard earned dollars. I don’t recommend taking classes if you don’t plan to be dedicated to growing that aspect of your business.  Your goal is not just to earn those investment dollars back quickly, but to increase your income by applying what you have learned.    

We have all heard that saying – “you get what you pay for.”  So the more you want to grow, the more you should invest.  Once you have applied yourself to more than just earning your educational investment back quickly, but making increased income because of it, spending money on education just isn’t that intimidating. 

Be a student for life and invest in YOU!

Eric Fisher