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Following the fresh-faced makeup look of New York Fashion Week, the Team at Prosper U Pro has been debating mascara.  Mascara has been part of our makeup routine for 6,000 years!  Most of the team said if they were only allowed one makeup product – it would be mascara.  Mascara gives the illusion of being put together.  It helps to fake that wide awake look when we are sleep deprived. Many feel its a non-negotiable. 

But what if….. you skipped mascara?

 No Mascara Trend New York Fashion Week 1No Mascara Trend New York Fashion Week 2

Makeup artist Taka Okada (@takaokada) believes a mascara-less eye can be a nice change of pace.  Making the most of natural eye shape, Into the Gloss – Eight Ways To Not Wear Mascara demonstrates 8 different looks all sans mascara.