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Money Habits. Booth Rental Finances is now available to purchase! We are excited to offer this course created for beauty professionals who are starting their own businesses This 2-hour online course will teach you how to set up your business to make money while creating a profitable money mindset as a business owner.


Money Habits: Booth Rental Finances

With Money Habits: Booth Rental Finances, you’ll learn how to:

  • – Set up your business to make money.
  • – Build a seamless process to know how much to pay yourself, pay your taxes and prepare for upcoming expenses.
  • – Create a profitable money mindset as a business owner.
  • – Overcome negative beliefs that can impact your money mindset.
  • – Best routines to pay yourself.
  • – Price your services for profit to create a great paycheck to fund your life, pay your taxes, pay rent and buy supplies.

For only $49, you can access the Money Habits: Booth Rental Finance course for 12 months. This is a must-do if you are booth renting! Find out how to create that great paycheck, fund your life, pay your taxes and prepare for other expenses now. Sign up today!

There’s also an option to get both Money Habits courses – Booth Rent Finances and Personal Finances. With this bundle, you’ll gain the personal and business financial skills needed to create your dream career. It will help you create a profitable money mindset as a business owner while gaining the personal financial skills needed to feel confident and build financial stability.

Find out more and sign up here!


ABOUT Darcie

Darcie Milfeld of Green Bites Project® is a financial wellness coach helping women hit their biggest financial goals, from small business finances to personal finances. She is a former SVP at Bank of America and holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. She used her love of numbers to map out her family’s own financial independence journey, which they hit in their late 30s. Darcie created Money Habits inside Prosper U.



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