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We are so excited to announce our partnership with Tanto!


Our founder, Eric Fisher created Be Wildly Successful as a guide for anyone in the beauty industry who wants to learn how to reach their goals and attain the financial freedom they desire. We provide proven strategies to attract, maximize and retain clients. In order to add even more value, we have been searching for collaborative partnerships that will help you work smarter, not harder. One piece of this involves technology.

We love technology – and beyond that, we LOVE technology that helps us achieve our goals in a concise manner. Technology that helps organize our business so we can focus on the part that really matters – our clients!


Tanto App for Hairstylists


In order to generate the income you want, you must effectively manage your business.In one app, Tanto helps you to book appointments, process payments and manage your clients.


We love the all-in-one appointment booking, payment processing, and client management. Tanto helps beauty professionals save time and money by providing you the tools you need to seamlessly manage your business.


Here are some of the cool features the Tanto app provides:

CUSTOMER PROFILE PAGEKeep track of photos, notes and previous appointments for each and every customer.

EASY CALENDAR PAGE – Take a quick look at your day, week or month and book a client right from your calendar. Easily overlap appointments and add/edit processing times to fit as many clients in per day.

CLIENT LIST SORTINGSort all your clients from oldest appointments to see who is due for a visit with you.

APPOINTMENT NOTIFICATIONSEliminate No-Shows and confirmation calls. This app automatically sends an email, text, or push notification to your clients reminding them of their appointments or asking them to confirm their attendance

PERSONALIZED BOOKING WEBSITEEasy to use website for your customers to book their own appointments.

FAST DEPOSITSTanto gives you the ability to deposit your money when you need it. With no deposit limits, no automatic schedules, and Instant Deposit options, you can have your money in your account within minutes.

SECURITY Tanto offers chargeback protection, fraud detection, account takeover protection, and more, so you can focus on your customers.


When you purchase the Be Wildly Successful Course, you get one month of Tanto – FREE! The Tanto App can also be downloaded from either Google Play or the Apple App Store.