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Who isn’t passionate about a great pixie cut?  We love them and wanted to share some of the best cutting and styling tips to take your pixie to the next level – pixie perfection, if you will.

Blow Drying

  • Direct the hair forward.  Directing the hair forward and toward the middle helps provide tension to keep the style smooth as well as keeping the style ‘narrow.’  Blow drying each side from a pre-created part makes the style poofy and dated.

Pixies 3

Adding Texture – by Cutting

  • Aside from the typical point cutting, a weave cutting technique can provide internal layers and movement on shorter haircuts.  Using the bottom blade of your shears, take thin horizontal sections and gently weave in and out.

Pixies 2

Adding Texture – With a Flat Iron

  • Take narrow, vertical sections from crown to front and curl/twist them in alternating directions. Bend the ends of random sections up, shake curls loose and adjust as desired.

Pixies 1

(Photo from and of Briana Cisceros (@brianacisneros), Global Hair Color Ambassador for Wella)