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90 Days to a Lifetime of Big Earnings CD by Eric Fisher


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In a sea of sameness you must distinguish yourself from your competition and be your personal best!  No matter if you have been in business for years or are just starting up, the information found on this 2 CD, 7 step program will help you retain clients, recruit new ones, double your profits, increase your sales, and improve all your systems all while continuing a culture that is a joy to be in.

This powerhouse of really cool ideas is a hands-on real-life blueprint for achieving super success.  Includes: Goals that work; Client appreciation programs; Referral programs; VIP systems; 7 ways to reward clients; 3 keys to outstanding work; 4 client building programs; 3 ways to keep clients coming back; Pre-booking; Add-ons; Raising fees; Legendary service exploration; The secret to doubling your retail sales, plus much more. [2CD/131 mins] 

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