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Money Habits Bundle


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Includes the 2-hour Money Habits: Booth Rent Finances course and the 5-hour Money Habits: Personal Finances course. With this bundle, you’ll gain the personal and business financial skills needed to create your dream career. It will help you create a profitable money mindset as a business owner while gaining the personal financial skills needed to feel confident and build financial stability. Includes coaching videos, a booth rental finances checklist, a savings workbook, a budgeting workbook, a financial plan workbook and a debt payoff spreadsheet.

With Money Habits: Personal Finances, you’ll learn how to:

  • Easily budget to feel in control of your finances, especially planning for irregular paychecks and tips unique to this industry.
  • Build financial stability by prioritizing savings and planning for large expenses.
  • Invest to build wealth with need-to-know basics.
  • Begin building your retirement nest egg.
  • Generate your custom debt payoff plan to confidently see your debt go away and save money on interest.
  • Feel confident about your financial decisions by balancing guilt-free, fun purchases while hitting your financial goals.

With Money Habits: Booth Rent Finances, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up your business to make money.
  • Build a seamless process to know how much to pay yourself, pay your taxes and prepare for upcoming expenses.
  • Create a profitable money mindset as a business owner.
  • Overcome negative beliefs that can impact your money mindset.
  • Best routines to pay yourself.
  • Price your services for profit to create a great paycheck to fund your life, pay your taxes, pay rent and buy supplies.


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