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Want to make $100,000? Get money in savings? Buy that dream car? The power to achieve your dream income is possible with our easy-to-use free app. The Prosper U PRO App will lead you to financial freedom by helping you know your expenses, set goals and track your progress. It’ll help you grow your business and make more money.


Life Expense Calculator

All you have to do is enter your monthly expenses and the calculator will do the math for you. It’ll tell you what your monthly and weekly service goal should be based on your expenses. Enter the number of days per week you work and how many clients you see per day and it’ll even calculate your daily and per client service goal.

Income Calculator

This calculator will show you what it takes to reach your income goal. All you have to do is enter your income goal, the number of days you work and the number of clients you see per day. The calculator will show you your service, retail and tip goals for the year, month, week, day and per client. No calculator needed!

Financial Tracker

This tracker will lead you to financial freedom by helping you set your goals, plan your day, maximize your book and reach success. The Financial Tracker allows you to track your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly numbers while seeing your progress in an easy to read dashboard.

Prosper U PRO Blog

The blog covers the latest trends, insider tips, how-to’s and master techniques from Eric Fisher. It’s the perfect place to kill time and learn more!

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