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Shear Education 2

In this second part of our interview with William Hyde of Shark Fin Shears (sharkfinwilly), we will talk ergonomics.

What are the advantages of a swivel shear?

A swivel shear allows a stylist to drop their elbow and shoulder and straighten their wrist so that the thumb has the most freedom and organic motion.  It is usually recommended that a stylist switch to a swivel early in their career to avoid having to relearn motions.

How does Shark Fin’s patented handle and finger fitting system help fit the shears to each individual? Why is this important?

The Shear Fit Finger Fitting System allows Shark Fin shears to be custom fitted to each stylist’s own thumb and ring finger diameter for perfect control, comfort and grip.  The shears should go no further than the cuticle on the thumb and no further than the second knuckle on the ring finger.  It is possible to add or remove the patented ring guards in order to customize each person’s fit. Shark Fin shears are the most ergonomically designed and most comfortable shears at any price point.

Shears Part 2 1Shears Part 2

Why should you use a certified Shark Fin sharpener vs a non-certified Shark Fin sharpener?

Shark Fin has an unconditional lifetime warranty on their shears.  As an added measure of protection to the stylist; they require that you use a certified sharpener to maintain the edge on your shears.  Certification is a 3 step process and is a great way for your local sharpener to get your shears sharpened and back to you.  Use of a non-certified sharpener will void their warranty and could cause serious and irreversible damage to your shears.

What do I need to do to maintain amd maximize my shears on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?

Shears must be disinfected after each haircut.  This process can strip oil from the shears.  In order to maintain the integrity of your shears, you should lubricate the blades after every haircut.  This means putting a quality scissor oil on a soft cloth and wiping down the blades.  If you own a swivel shear, lubricate the swivel as needed.  Once a week, open your blades to a 90 degree angle.  Put one or two drops of scissor oil into the pivot area between the blades.  Loosen the tension nub enough to push any loose hair out.

How to Properly Fit Your Shears