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Style With Knowledge


Clients can’t always tell their haircut is good but they can always tell if their hair is beautifully finished. Today, blowouts have gone from an add-on service in salons to a full-on national craze. Learn how to do the perfect blowout every time with Style With Knowledge. Created by master-stylist and 12x North American Hairstyling Award Finalist, Eric Fisher. Style With Knowledge contains the techniques, elements and step-by-step tutorials for completing the most in-demand styles of today. The program contains 42 videos including:

  • 16 Fabulous Blowouts
  • 11 Killer Techniques
  • 8 Modern Iron Styles and more


So many types of hair exist such as straight, long, curly, thick and thin. There’s also a variety of styles from bobs, short layers, graduated shapes, long layers and so on. No two heads of hair are the same. Your job is to make your client look good no matter the type of hair or style they have. To do this, you must develop your visual perception and create balance in your blowouts.

Style With Knowledge, the world’s best styling program, will teach you to master the styling secrets all the pros know including:

  • The importance of looking at the silhouette, front and crown of your client to determine the desired result you want and which tools you need to produce it.
  • Styling techniques they don’t usually teach you in school including power dry, leafing, flat wrapping, brush back and more.
  • Matching the right brush to the right hair type and why it’s important. You’ll learn the benefits of using a paddle brush, smoothing brush, vent brush, round brush, styling brush and more.
  • The steps to follow for a perfect blowout every time.
  • How-to choose the right product for the right style.


Style With Knowledge Complete Collection

3-month access for $59.00

Style With Knowledge Complete Collection

Unlimited access for $169.00


The Style With Knowledge Book is a culmination of the techniques, skills and tools Eric Fisher has gained in his 30-year career. It contains in-depth information on brushes, elements and products.