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Pre-booking your clients has multiple advantages.  First, you need fewer clients.  Think of it like this: If you see 50 clients a week and you pre-book them every 8 weeks, you need 400 clients to stay busy.  HOWEVER, if you see 50 clients per week and you pre-book them every 4 weeks, you only need 200 clients to stay busy.  

The second advantage of pre-booking is that you can fill your day during slower times by utilizing a system we refer to as ABC Booking.  So what IS ABC Booking?  If a stylist works a 9-6 schedule, for example; there are times of the day that are A times – the ones that will almost fill themselves.  The first appointment of the day (9am), the appointments over the lunch hour (12, 1pm)  and the appointments at the end of the day (5, 6pm).  These are followed by the B appointment times – not quite as ideal for your clients, but workable. 11am would work for someone to take an early lunch.  4pm would be an option for someone to leave work a little early.  Then there are the C times, 10am, 2pm and 3pm.  These slots are harder to fill and ideally what you should offer your clients first when pre-booking them.  

Your pre-booking script might sound something like this:  “Mary, I would like to see you back in 4 weeks to keep your color fresh.  4 weeks from today is ______; do you prefer morning or afternoon?”  Depending on Mary’s answer, you first offer her the C appointment times.  Most of the time your client will think these are the only times available and will pre-book in one of the C time slots.  IF those don’t work for her, you then offer her the B times and reserve the A times for last.  

Pre-booking is proactive. It fills your book.  It is a service for your clients – it makes them feel special – you want to see them again!  If you’re not pre-booking, you’re missing a golden opportunity!!