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Razors can provide so much creative freedom. They can remove bulk, add texture and volume, all in one stroke. The razor is a game-changer because you can achieve precision without using a straight blade.

Education is the key to designing your cuts. It’s all about how you hold the razor.  Holding it in a one way to cut the hair so it flips under and hold it another way to cut the hair and have the hair flip out. The Golden Angle is 45° – The blade cuts easily and cleanly leaving a blunt end, minimizing stress to the cuticle and delivering a soft blended smooth effect surface.

Years ago, hairdressers and clients didn’t believe that you could use a razor on any kind-of hair texture but in fact you can. It’s all in the technique and in how comfortable you are with your razor.

Jayne Matthews of Edo Salon & Gallery is known for her razor cutting. Jayne began her career in the 90’s and studied under the original founders of Bumble & Bumble. She loves the fluid movement a razor creates.




Briana Cisneros and Shannon Rha of Workshop Evolve are also known for their razor work.



Laws in some states prohibit cosmetologists from cutting with a straight razor – or perhaps you are new to razor cutting. If so, use a guard. A guard can push the hair before the blade has made contact with it, making the edge a little more diffused.

So grab a razor and give it a try!