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Sometimes, the idea of working commission can be frustrating. You spend so much time working with clients only to have 50% of your earnings paid to someone else. Renting a booth at a salon is a great way to gain independence and control over your career. This is why so many beauty professionals have channeled their entrepreneurial side and moved into booth or studio renting.

If you are a new or seasoned beauty and wellness professional and are thinking of becoming a booth renter, here are some things you need to know about booth renting.


booth rental vs. suite rental

What is the difference between booth rent and suite rental?

Salon suites made their way onto the scene several years ago. These suites have reinvented the way beauty and wellness professionals work for themselves. Salon suites offer professionals the opportunity of owning their own business by renting mini salons. This eliminates the burden of the large upfront costs and risks associated with opening a standalone salon or spa. Suites are ideal for beauty professionals with an established clientele who want to take their business to the next level.

In a salon suite setting you can control your hours, your prices and the environment such as music and decor. Salon suites also allow for more privacy for you and your clients.

Booth renting in a salon or spa is perfect for someone who wants the flexibility that comes with owning their own business and the stability of working within the structure of an established salon or spa. Do you like working around other stylists? If you love the energy that comes from working with other stylists, you might want to consider a booth rental situation. You will have the best of all worlds—the independence you crave, and the company and companionship that keep your creative juices flowing.

If you are counting on walk-ins to enhance your business, booth rental might be a better option as well. In a booth rent situation you may be asked to work a minimum of hours or days per week, or bring in a minimum amount of clients.


how do you know when you’re ready?

Most owners prefer to booth rent to those who have a solid following. So if you are just starting out from school, it may be better to work in a salon or spa and build your clientele and credibility. It’s not worth it to booth rent if you only have one or two clients and you’re paying $250/week on rent.

You have to look at the numbers. First, how much is the chair rental per week and what does it include? Second, go back and look at a complete month. Look specifically at how many clients you served. What services did your clients get and what products did you need to do those services. You also have to figure out how much money you would have to put aside for your quarterly taxes, insurance, products and rent. The numbers don’t lie.


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