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Check out Eric’s edgy twist to a retro cut.  Learn how to recreate this rocker chic look by Eric Fisher (@ericfisherhair).  Keep scrolling to watch the video.  


Here’s How to Recreate this Cut:

Step 1:Section the hair from recession to recession with a horseshoe parting.

Step 2: Starting in the front, take a horizontal section from the front hairline to the ear. Elevate this section just past 90 degrees to set your guide.  Each subsequent section will be taken horizontally and overdirected to the original guide.  

Step 3:Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 4:Using the length from your original side section as a guide, take horizontal sections around the head shape to set a guide.

Step 5: After this guide is set; take a vertical section at center back and connect your shorter guide to the established length of the hair.  You will continue taking vertical sections, over directing to your previous section, until you finish cutting the back.

Step 6:Now that you have finished cutting the sides and back its time to cut the top.

Step 7: Section the hair in a horsehoe parting going from behind one ear to the other ear.

Step 8: Take a horizontal section across the top and overdirect to blend the crown of the hair to the established length in the back.  Continue taking horizontal sections and overdirecting them to your first section to gradually increase the length in front.  The top part of this haircut will be disconnected from your shorter side lengths.

Step 9: Finish personalizing the cut with deep point cutting to remove any unnecessary weight and to add texture and softness.  

Step 10: Add product and blow dry with a brush.  At this point, your styling options are limited only to your imagination.