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What is a chignon? ‘Chignon’ is basically a French word for ‘bun.’ It comes from the word “”chignon du cou”” which means ‘base of the neck.’ The term has evolved to mean basically any updo arranged on the back of the head.

Check out this twist on a classic chignon from Eric Fisher.


  • Light Hold Hairspray


  • Tail comb
  • Clear Elastic
  • Large Bobby Pin


  • Brush all of the hair back smoothly
  • Using a large tail comb, divide hair from ear to ear.
  • Pin top section out of the way and comb bottom section smooth.
  • Hold both sections in one hand, top section between the first and index fingers and the bottom section between the thumb and index fingers.
  • Reach in and grab the tail of the top section and pull through to create a knot.
  • Using the shorter section; repeat the same steps to create another knot.
  • Repeat this process until you run out of hair. Secure with a clear elastic.
  • Wind the hair up and secure at the nape with a large bobby pin – or 2!