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Learn how to recreate this fishtail chignon step by step with Eric Fisher.


    Dry Shampoo Hairspray


    tail comb bobby pins hair pins elastic hair ties


    Prep hair with dry shampoo Comb hair back until smooth Using your tail comb, section off a circular parting at the top of the head to start your braid Divide this circular section down the middle Add a section of hair from behind the ear and move to the opposite side, on the inside, to begin the braid Keep adding sections of hair, going from one side to the other.  Be sure to keep the sections tight as you braid Once you finish the braid, secure the ends of the hair with a clear elastic band Twist the braid and wrap it to one side, folding the braid into itself Secure the braid with large bobby pins; be sure to stick the pin straight into the hair and weave it in the hair to lock Deconstruct the braid as desired Finish with dry shampoo and /or light hold hairspray

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