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Learn how to do this editorial look – Shoestring Knots by Eric Fisher. If you can tie your shoes, you can reate this updo!

PRODUCTS – detailing cream
– light-hold hairspray TOOLS
– clear elastic
– bobby pins
– tail comb


Step 1: Prep the hair with detailing cream.

Step 2: Part the hair down the middle.

Step 3: Starting in the front, take equal size sections from both sides and comb the hair smooth.

Step 4: Separate the section off center. You will have two sections, one in each hand.

Step 5: Take the section from the left side and cross it over to the right side grabbing it with the right hand.

Step 6: Take the section from the right side and with your right hand facing down pinch the hair with your thumb and index finger.

Step 7: Twist your right hand so your palm is facing up and the right section is brought forward.

Step 8: Reach your left hand between the sections and pull the right section through creating your first knot.

Step 9: Have your clients hold the sections – one in each hand.

Step 10: Take another section of equal size, comb the hair smooth and divide into two equal sections.

Step 11: Tie your second knot.

Step 12: Have your client drop the first sections and hand them the sections from the second knot.

Step 13: Take another section, comb the hair smooth and create two equal sections.

Step 14: Reaching underneath the sections from the second knot, grab the sections from the first knot and add it to the third knot.

Step 15: Tie your third knot.

Step 16: Have your client drop the sections and hand the client the sections from the current knot.

Step 17: Repeat these steps until you reach the final section in the nape. Pivoting your sections as you work around the head.

Step 18: Continue tying knots until you reach the ends of the hair.

Step 19: Secure the ends of the hair upside down by not pulling the ends all the way through. This hides the ends of the hair.

Step 20: Soften the look by gently pulling on the knots.

Step 21: Roll the ends of the hair up to the nape and secure with bobby pins.

Step 22: If needed, open the knots more by gently pulling on them and pin any loose hairs.

Step 23: Finish the look with a light-hold hairspray.

Keep scrolling to watch the video.