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French braids can seem so basic, but often times the most basic of techniques can be transformed into an amazing look.

Check out this updo Eric created using two French braids.


  • Dry Shampoo
  • Hair Spray


  • Tail Comb
  • Clear Elastic
  • Hair Pins
  • Bobby Pins
  • Large Bobby Pins
  • Curling Iron


  • Start by sectioning the hair into 2 sections. Beginning above the right eye, take a circular section to the back of the head. (Circular sections help hide the part and make for a seamless finish.)
  • The remaining hair will comprise the second section and be intentionally larger than the first section. Comb this back cleanly and clip out of the way.
  • Begin your French braid with the first section. Leaving out some hair around the hairline can create interest and a more organic look.
  • Take a small section and the front hairline with your left hand. Divide this section into thirds with your fingers. Grab the center section with your right hand and twist.
  • Begin adding hair from the outside. Keep the sections clean and comb smooth as needed. When you run out of hair, secure the first braid with a clear elastic.
  • When beginning the second section – you want to keep the braid higher up and near the middle of the head. French braid this section adding hair from the outside and combing cleanly. Secure the end with a clear elastic.
  • Once you have finished both braids, it is time to pancake the braids. Spray hair with dry shampoo to provide some grit.
  • Beginning with the smaller braid, begin pulling it out and pancaking it as much as you like.
  • Repeat this process on the larger, second braid.
  • Once you have finished, remove the clear elastics and braid the two braids together. Secure with a clear elastic.
  • Pin the braids together at the top using a regular size bobby pin.
  • Going to the left side; if you want to emphasize the movement, spray the hair with hairspray. Slide the hair pin into the section, lift it up and secure. Repeat with any other sections; spray with more hairspray; let dry and remove the hair pins.
  • Finish the look by curling the ends of the braid as desired and pin braid in place using large bobby pins.